Australian Hardwood Stake Co.

369 XT – Standard Duty | 600 XT – Heavy Duty

Fiboposts are a replacement for steel star pickets and similar fencing items.
Fibopost is made from 70% recycled PET.
Fibopost is suitable for fencing, safety barriers, barrier mesh and electric fencing.
Colours can be tailored to animal vision.
Fibopost will NOT rust or leach harmful chemicals into the ground.
Fibopost won’t burn and is frangible.
Fibopost does not conduct electricity. Insulators are not required.
Fibopost is a safer option for both humans and livestock.
Impact damage is minimal in comparison to steel star pickets.
900mm – 1350mm – 1500mm – 1650mm – 1800mm – 2100mm – 2400mm