Australian Hardwood Stake Co.
Fibo Post - Star Picket


Fibopost 600XT is a universal Fibopost suitable for most rural applications replacing steel star pickets and insulators.

Fibopost is made from 70% recycled consumer & industrial waste.

Compared to star pickets, Fibopost is a far more flexible and safer option. Due to the flexibility of the product, both humans and livestock are at a reduced risk of impact damage. This is both in impacting to side of the post as well as falling on top of the post.

The Fibopost is made of non-conductive material, therefore it eliminates the need for insulators. This also opens up different configurations of fencing where total fabricated mesh / ring-lock can be electrified at no additional cost as the total post is the insulator.

$7.50 + GST each

Supplied in Bundles of 10. 

Other sizes available. Please contact for a price.

Star picket Fibopost sizes